Safety and Certification Engineer

Job description

Here at Robin, we're passionate and dynamic; driven and forward-thinking. As an official Great Place to Work, we empower and inspire people to do their best work on their own terms. 

And we innovate. Every. Single. Day.

We're proud of what we do, but we also know that our success relies on you — the talented, bright and independent professionals who bring passion to your work each morning.

So, what do you think - are you a Robin?

Do you have what it takes to be our Safety and Certification Engineer?

Read on if you think you do!

How you'll answer, "So what do you do?"

"I will boost the engineering capacity within the radar team and focus on safety and certification. I will pick up ongoing certifications like the US certificates for MAX and military standards for IRIS and kick-start the ones to come. "

Mmmm. Not bad.

Here's what a Robin would say:

"Our products evolve. And this has an impact on compliance. My role is to assess this, make a plan, and execute the tests necessary to ensure future compliance. To facilitate smooth product development, a test at an accredited company should be a walk in the park because we have already performed proper pre-compliance testing, which I will manage and mature. I have a solid background in EMC/EMI compliance testing and can translate the norms into tests and interpret the test result into advice to improve our products. Furthermore, I know my way around in the international maze of radio and (electrical) safety standards, including the US & Canada"


Job requirements

Day-to-day, here's what you'll really do: 

  • Responsible for keeping all current product certificates up-to-date with laws and regulations;
  • plan and execute (re)certification tests, either internal or external;
  • compose and update test plans for STANAG, EN-NEN, and FCC approval processes;
  • mature internal test capabilities (electrical safety, EMI/EMC).

You’ll be part of the R&D team and will report to the Head of Engineering, who is there to support and guide you.

Sounds good? Already itching to apply?


But hold your horses, there's a little more.

What we're after: 

  • You have a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or similar;
  • minimum of three years in the field of compliance testing;
  • solid technical background in EMI/EMC testing;
  • thorough understanding of international regulatory standards, like FCC and DNV;
  • your middle name is Quality;
  • knowledge of military standards is a plus;
  • proficiency in planning and reporting;
  • you have excellent communication skills in English and it would be great if you speak Dutch as well;
  • you live in The Netherlands, within commuting distance from The Hague.

And of course, you should identify with our core values: trust, responsibility & transparency.

So, what do you say? Excited? Were you nodding all the way down here?

Then it's time to hit apply.

Agencies; thanks for your interest in helping, but we got this. If you're a recruiter, therefore please don't respond.